MEGA Developmental: 

This program is designed for gymnasts who are interested in joining the competition team, but are not quite ready. This program trains with team coaches and adds more strength and conditioning to their weekly practice schedule than a normal gymnastics class. This program feeds into our two competition teams.


Xcel Program:

The Xcel Gymnastics Program and Competitions are sanctioned by USAG Gymnastics. There are currently 5 levels in the Xcel Program; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. The routines are based off of the requirements that have been set, however these requirements are filled based on the athletes individual strengths. This program is great for the older gymnast or those that want less of a time commitment in the gym. This program practices year round, but they compete January-May.


USAG Program:

Levels 1-5 are considered compulsary levels. All gymnasts in these levels perform the same routines set by the USA Gymnastics Committee. Levels 6-10 are considered optional levels. These levels have more of a variety in the individual routines, but do have set skills they are required to perform. This path is designed for those gymnasts who want to make gymnastics their priority sport. Compulsary level compete September-February and Optional levels compete December-May. 


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