MEGA Gymnastics Rules, Terms, and Conditions

Rules, Terms and Conditions As of 11/29/2022 01:43 PM


ANNIVERSARY FEE: All Students will be charged an anniversary fee. This fee is good for one year or until you drop out of the program.


MAKEUP POLICY: Because of our strict student to teacher ratio, missed classes will not result in make-up classes, prorated tuition or refunds. No refunds for classes missed including scheduled holidays.


DROP PROCEDURE: PARENTS MUST NOTIFY THE SCHOOL TO DROP A STUDENT FROM CLASS: Only a written notice via email, regular postal mail or hand delivered to our front desk will be acceptable. Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS until the time you notify the staff VIA WRITTEN NOTICE. Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know that he/she will no longer be attending classes. If a student stops coming to class without notification then that student's account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student's place in that class instead of offering that place to one of the many on a waiting list. A 30-day written notice is required to terminate billing and parents/ guardians are responsible for payment whether or not their student attends classes until MEGA Gymnastics is notified in a written/emailed notice to drop their student from class(es).


WHAT TO WEAR: Boys or Girls may wear tucked in T-shirts and shorts OR Leotards for Girls. NO chewing gum or dangling jewelry. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that is stays up for the entire workout. Girls should not wear bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort during activity. All students should have activity-appropriate footwear during class. Personal items should be left in cubby holes. Jewelry should not be worn during classes. PLEASE LEAVE JEWELRY ARTICLES AT HOME. This facility's staff will not be responsible for ANY items that may be lost or stolen. Be sure your student's personal items are marked with their name.


ARRIVAL AND PICKUP POLICIES ARRIVAL: Your child may enter the facility 5 mins before their class. This gives them enough time to use the restroom and stow away any warm-up clothing in their cubbies or lockers (team). We do not have assigned staff to supervise your child 10-20 mins before class. So please remember that we will not accept drop-off until 5 minutes prior to class. PICKUP- Parents/Guardians are to be prompt in their pick-ups times. 


Please take into consideration that our students may include young children. Please drive slowly and carefully. Do not take a chance on your student running to and from your car.


ADDITIONAL POLICIES: Parents/guardians may view their child’s practice from inside the lobby. Only parents/guardians attending a Parent and Child class may be inside of the gym area (Parents/ Guardians attending those classes must sign waivers of liability). Parents/Guardians standing inside any part of the gym area to view their child's practice will be asked to return to the lobby.

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